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I thought about GMAT in March 2013 and I had no idea where to start. I bought a Kaplan book from Barnes and Noble. After studying for 2 months, I took the GMAT and got 500. Big disappointment!!! I thought, "What should I do? Give up and go back to doing I what I do or try again?" With that thought I started doing Google searches and GMAT Club popped up. I registered for it and got an email from e-GMAT. I took the free online session on “As Vs Like” and there went the light bulb. I realized I had been wasting my time for the last 4 months. I immediately signed for online courses but not for VLP. I studied all the material for another 3 months. At the same time I continued doing the Quant practice on GMATclub. During my mock tests I was getting 650s and I was confident that I would get the same score on the GMAT since I was planning for evening programs, which do not need high scores. I got 620. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I improved with the effort I put in but sad because 620 was still low for evening programs. I did deep thinking for one day on what should be my next step. Since I had time to apply for admissions, I decided to go for it one more time. I signed up with e-GMAT VLP right away and took all October sessions. I studied for the month of October and took a one-month vacation in November. I studied a little during flights, airports, etc., but no mock tests. I got back in December and re focused on the study material and even practiced with a timer. I took my last GMAT on Dec. 21st and got 700. So this what I did differently than previous attempts-
1. Follow the study plan provided by e-GMAT
2. As Rajat says – reviewed Mock test thoroughly for both the right and wrong answers
3. Practice GMAT Club questions with a timer on
4. Did as many GMAT Prep and official questions as possible.
Here is why I would recommend e-GMAT-
1. True learning guide- I feel that e-GMAT takes you on the path of learning concepts and does not try to teach you shortcuts to get score. Once you learn the concept, you get better scores as virtue of it.
2. Study Plan – In my personal opinion, e-GMAT study plan is unmatched to any other courses available. If you follow the study plan as put out for all sections, there is no chance that you will not improve wherever you are.
3. Official Guide Questions – e-GMAT excellent explanations for OG 12 questions. It is a must to go through them and understand the 3 steps concept of e-GMAT SC Method.
4. UGE questions – This is another set of great new questions which help you cement your concept and help you identify your mistakes.
5. Follow e-GMAT on GMAT Club. Time to time, so many great articles keep coming that you cannot afford to miss.
6. VLP classes – Amazing! You have to come with eagerness to study and pay attention to how questions are being solved.

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