December 23, 2021

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e-GMAT took me from 650 to 730


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My journey from 600 to 730 has not been an easy one but I would surely say that it has been a fulfilling one; one filled with stress, pressure and anxiety but more importantly one of hope, hard-work and resilience.

After underperforming in my first two attempts [I scored 600 (Q47, V26) and 650 (Q47, V33)], I realized that my approach in solving the verbal questions (especially SC and RC) was not right. I knew that to reach the elusive 700 mark, I would have to start from scratch and change my approach.

I started researching about various courses and came across e-GMAT on GMAT Club. I signed up for the free trial and to my surprise, I learnt so many new things in those modules itself. I signed up for the full course immediately (the best decision I took during the whole journey). e-GMAT course worked wonders for me. The course structure, scholaranium and the personalized study plan stood out to me.

Highlights of the Verbal Course:

MC- The MC module was the best way to start the verbal course. It provides excellent reading strategies that lay a solid foundation to do well in the verbal section. This course drove my improvement in RC. My accuracy improved from 50% to 80% by the time I finished the RC module.

SC- SC went from being my weakness to my strength in 20 days. The comprehensive meaning-based approach improved my accuracy from 50% to 90%. After I completed the module, I was very confident in selecting the right answer and in rejecting the four incorrect choices.

CR- CR was always my strong point in the section. The module helped me brush up some conceptual gaps and the diversity of questions gave me exposure to attempt any type of question that came on the D-Day.

After going through the verbal course, I was confident in touching the V40 mark. I moved on to the quant modules.

I was confident in my quant skills before starting the modules. The quant 2.0 course is quite comprehensive. It makes complex topics such as absolute values and inequalities easy to understand. Yet, to my dismay, quant became my weaker of the two sections. After finishing the NP and WP modules, I took the first sigma-X mock and scored 750 (Q44, V47). Q44 was a shocker for me. After completing the other modules, I took the second mock and scored 770 (Q48, V46). I was happy with my quant score but I wanted- to reach to Q49-50.

After the second mock, DJ first reached out to me through the Last Mile Program. We had a call to analyse the first two mocks. He made me realize that I was struggling to manage my time well in the quant section. I usually ended up guessing the last 4-5 questions. He gave me the first milestones with a major focus on overcoming the time management issue using the cementing quizzes. I started maintaining a quant error-log and re-did the algebra and geometry modules. I took the third mock four days before my third attempt and scored 750 (Q49, V42). I was quite happy to see the Q49. DJ shared a well-detailed plan for the last three days. I was shocked when I scored 680 (Q46, V37) in the fourth mock two days before the exam and thus, lost all my confidence. DJ tried to calm me down and motivate me but I walked into the test center full of anxiety. I managed a decent 690 (Q45, V39) but I was not happy. I knew I could do so much better. I was mentally tired of the test and decided not to take it again. After leaving the test center, I mailed DJ about the score. He motivated me to appear for a reattempt because he believed that I could cross the 720 barrier. I decided to go for it for one final time. It was a big decision and I am glad that I made it.

I shared my ESR with DJ. I received video feedback from him stating some glaring mistakes in quant. He asked me to redo the NP and WP modules and set targets for me in the cementing quizzes. My scores in the quizzes improved after re-doing the modules. After observing the improvement, he sent me a day wise plan for the final fifteen days. I maintained an error log for every question I got incorrect. I used the same to revisit the learnings from every question one day before the exam. I took the last mock a week before the exam and scored 750 (Q49, V42). In the last week, I used the scholaranium to practice questions. The scholaranium provides amazing in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. I used to revise the summaries of quant modules that I was weak in daily. This time, I did not take a lot of pressure on the exam day as I had scored a decent 690. I went in with no expectations.

15th December 2021, 3 years, 6 months and three attempts later, was the day I was finally content with my GMAT score as I achieved 730 (Q48, V42) in my exam. I went from Q45 to Q48 in 30 days. It has been a tough journey with many disappointments along the way. There were so many times I thought of giving up but DJ and the people around me did not let me give up. Not once did I feel alone in this journey. DJ, thank you for your amazing and honest mentorship. I know I would not have been able to do this without you. Also, kudos to the e-GMAT team for creating the most structured course out there.

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January 03, 2022

Hi AS1997,

Congratulations on your 730 but my elation at your score is heartfelt because I was there when you scored a 690 and I was there when we mutually decided to give it one last attempt. Your story makes me happy every single time I think of it. Students like you, drive me to do what I do so well. Thank you for working with me and believing in the advice I gave you.

I still remember that email you sent me post your 690 attempt and wanted to share it with everyone.

Student Email post 690 score:

A lot of times in life as is in GMAT, things don’t go according to plan even when you are completely prepared for it. But potential and perseverance are the 2 qualities that are hallmarks of success too. You displayed both.

What does a sure-shot V39+ on the GMAT look like? Your dashboard is an ideal vision of how I predicted your potential and subsequent success.

Scholaranium Dashboard Stats V39+:

I am glad you chose our course two times around and I am glad I could help you improve your score to a 730. We finally broke the VICIOUS GMAT cycle that lasted more than 3 years 😊

I wish you all the best and do stay in touch.

Warm Regards,

January 10, 2022

It's really good to see amazing feedback for e-gmat. Just wanted to understand that the mentorship provided by egmat is with online service of 299 $ or some other service ? Also wanted to understand that how many months of Subscription would be enough for me? I am working professional with 3.5 + years of work experience. I have given CAT this year but unfortunately didn't perform well and able to score 96.83 percentile only (Quant-98 + percentile). My concern area is verbal. I can devote atleast 2 hours in weekdays and 8-10 Hours on Weekend (6 Days Working).

January 19, 2022

Hey Anket,

Mentorship is not a part of the product right now but is an R&D Program we run here at e-GMAT.

The best way to understand where you want to go and the time it will take is to take a Mock. (44% of students do just this before deciding on their study partner/material) Once you do that, the improvement index will help you understand the quantum of work and time you will need to improve. Given your CAT scores, I am hopeful that you will certainly do well on the Mock too.

Reach out to us if you need ANY HELP at all at (You can just drop a line mentioning you got here based on this current conversation) I do look forward to hearing from you.