August 13, 2018

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e-gmat Quant Scholaranium


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Course e-GMAT Quant Online

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e-GMAT Quant scholaranium is definitely a powerful and helpful tool which is a must have for someone who wants to score a brilliant 700+. The concepts are explained in a clear and concise manner and practicing in the scholaranium would easily help someone who is at a below Q35 and to someone who is aiming for Q50+. What I really liked about the course is the "create custom quiz" option which as clear as it sounds helped me to choose the number of question along with the difficulty level and the duration of the test , this helped me get my timing in place and I could accurately see which were my major weak areas. The queries that are asked in the forum are cleared within a day and that helps to get your doubts cleared almost immediately.

The brilliant analytics along with questions ranging from Sub 600 level to a 700+ level makes Egmat Quant scholaranuium a must have. I recommend this course to all who feel their basics are a little messed up as I myself have moved from a Q37 to a Q48-49 level.


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