August 05, 2015

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Verbal course Review


Improvement 60 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

Location Online

I registered for e-gmat’s VLP course in early 2015. I had already registered for the free trial and went through all the videos and it didn’t take me long to register for the complete course.
The eGMAT’s 3 step approach to SC and pre-thinking in CR are a blast.
Earlier in CR Qs I used to jump directly on to the options in order to evaluate the choices. This method took more time and my accuracy did not improve beyond 70%. Then I attended Rajat’s pre-thinking session and tried to incorporate the falsification method in CR Qs. To my utter surprise not only my accuracy improved but also the time required to tackle the Q decreased. Pre-thinking in CR’s helps you to understand the core of the argument, thereby making it easier to evaluate the answer choices.
The importance of the meaning in SC Q’s and the 3 step approach is one of the best methods I have come across. My SC strike rate has increased and now I am more confident while marking the answers.
Moreover, the Scholaranium – a quiz platform which has been launched recently, gives you the ability to measure your weaknesses in different areas and provides you with lots a practice questions that too with awesome explanations.
Finally, the live sessions, which are conducted by their superb faculty, provide you with great insights on common traps. All the SC live sessions and CR pre thinking session were an eye opener for me.
I would highly recommend the verbal course to anyone who wants to crack verbal in GMAT.
This goes without saying - eGMAT’s verbal course is THE only weapon to win the battle.

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