April 18, 2016

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Service beyond expectations- Mentorship at its best


Katherine Lewis aka Katy, as I call her, is my guru who helped me to re-define my personality through a unique dimension. My relation with Katy dates back to 2012 when I reached out to her to seek b school advice through 30 min free consultation program. Unfortunately, things did not materialize for me but I informed her that I will approach her if I intend to apply in future.

I planned to apply to Haas-EWMBA in 2016. Personally, things were a bit challenging for me as my wife was expecting and I had a lot going on at work front too. However, with strong support of my wife, I decided to apply in 2016 and I contacted Katy in 2015 November. I am a re-applicant to the Haas program as it is the best option for me.

In my first meeting with Katy, I was bombarded with a series of questions that I took my own sweet time to fill out. From then onwards, things got exponentially better and Katy kept surprising me every time. Few things that I loved about her:

Summarizing power: She read through my 14 page bio and gave me an absolutely brilliant summary that boosted my confidence. In fact, looking back at all my activities, the theme of my personality perfectly fits her summary. That was the point when I felt that it was totally worth it.

Extremely responsive: She reviewed all my essays and provided crucial suggestions in a timely fashion. I was sometimes late in giving back my drafts but she was never late. She made me feel comfortable with my way of portraying things and made me better at it.

Stress management: Well, I may be one of the numerous folks saying that it is extremely stressful to apply to b-school but trust me, it definitely is (with my wife expecting anytime soon and me racing against deadlines-gosh!). Katy was always there for me. She was always very supportive and helped me to look beyond the current limitations

Great counselor: Here comes the hard fact but I owe this totally to Katy. I was waitlisted in the first round and my memories from 2015 came crashing onto me. It was like a deja-vu and I was going through the most stressful times of the year. Katy came as a pleasant surprise to me. She kept confidence in me, helped me to push my application further and gave extremely constructive feedback to make my case stronger. (Have you heard of guys who did not make it as they went late to an interview- well I am an exception and I owe this to Katy-she helped me to give my best)

Economical: I was offered a free session (worth $270) once as she had to reschedule. This incidence took me by a pleasant surprise. Moreover, she wanted to see the best in me. Unlike other consultants who may charge you for every small pep-talk she gave full support to me at absolutely no cost when I was waitlisted. I really loved her spirit and enthusiasm.

To summarize, I am extremely elated to let you guys knows that I am admitted to EWMBA-Haas program and all my limitations seemed very trivial with the support of my guru/cheerleader Katy. I would definitely recommend her. Do not miss her if you are serious about getting into one of the best b-schools.

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