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From a V 36 to V 44- Thank You e-GMAT !!!!


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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As a non native, verbal was obviously my weak point while studying for the GMAT. For my first attempt at GMAT, I studied largely from the OG and Manhattan Guides. I ended up on a 710 (Q50, V 36). While giving the GMAT I could make out that I was not confident about my answers in the SC section. I knew I needed to improve on the SC to take my score to a 740+.

While searching for an online prep program, I found that E-GMAT had excellent reviews on almost all the forums including the GMAT club. One of the best reviews that I had heard about the e-GMAT course was that the e-GMAT SC is the best and helps you to achieve 100 % accuracy, but in a longer span of time. Since I had already identified that my area of weakness was SC, I purchased the SC course of e-GMAT and I have to say it never disappointed me.

The following were the highlights of the course :

1.The ease and simplicity with which the modules are explained are very comfortable for non native speakers.
2. The various articles regarding the use of as vs like, due to vs because of, verb-ed modifier vs verb-ing modifier were brilliant and believe me these help in saving a lot of time in GMAT. Knowing the difference in usage of these terms can help you eliminate 2-3 options at once.
3. Its just about the confidence that the e-GMAT SC gives you. You start knowing exactly why the answer is right and why the other options are wrong.

It was the result of this confidence that I ended up with a 770 score (Q51, V44) on my second attempt at GMAT.

A big thanks to the e-GMAT team !!!!

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