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e-gmat Quant Course


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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Hi Everyone,
First my background:
I am an indian male with not IT background. As all Non native speakers, i lack skills in Verbal, and there fore it became necessary for me to make up majority of my score by boosting the Quant score.
Prep details:
I went though all the OG questions which one cannot compete in quality and as recommended by most Manhattan Quant guides but i still find my confidence lacking to reach the Q 50/51 highs.

Going though various reviews and bringing my over confidence down i decided to go through a structured course which will boost my confidence to achieve the 49-51 range.

I came across e-gmat quant course after reading various positive reviews on different GMAT Prep forums. First of all i was amazed to see the structure of the course which was very handy and easy to go through. You learn concepts then apply quizzes and later Application test and final ability quizzes. You get no reason in egmat course to not master in every single topic tested in the GMAT.
The live sessions with Rajat, Payal and Krishna were not less than an eye opener. i love the new techniques they taught like : analyzing and breaking down the DS question prior to reaching the options, number properties questions were never so easy to solve with the e-gmat techniques and algebra which has always been a night mare for me, I learnt the importance of bringing all the expressions in the left side of the inequality before breaking them down. This has left me stunned because i never messed up with the +_ signs after applying e-gmat principles in algebra. Also the graphical representation of the equations to solve for x is something i never knew.
I have improved already from Q46 to Q49 in my last GMAT exam and now i am preparing again to score Q50-51 in my next attempt.

This time i am focusing on the Quant scholaranium . This is the Custom test platform by egmat where one can select questions of different topics, different difficulty levels and adjust timings. As a result you also get detailed analysis of the timing and your performance and obviously the question explanations. A question bank of 700+ all level and topic questions is grooming my prep further and finally i feel that i can achieve my target score of Q50-51.

I would definitely recommend this course to all GMAT aspirants .

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