May 07, 2015

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I’ve got to say that E-gmat is the best course for a non-native speaker.
I’ve improved 10 points in my verbal score after following the strategies explained in the course. The approach to breakdown a sentence into clauses is really helpful. I am now able to solve some difficult SC questions comfortably by using this approach.
In CR, the concepts explained are really helpful. Identifying the logical structure of the stem is the key, and the course offers a stress on this topic.
I was very weak in RC, but I’ve to say that after following the approach of E-gmat I learned that how to approach RC questions; not only I am feeling comfortable in approaching RC questions but also I am improving a lot. The approach of Pre-Thinking helped me a lot in the Main point questions.
So all in all, I must recommend this course to all the non-native speakers.

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May 07, 2015

Dear Caesar,

Thank you for being a customer and posting a review. Just to clarify - the 10 points improvement that you mentioned is on a scale of 60, which is equivalent to 80-100 points on a scale of 800.

Lastly - make sure that you try Scholaranium to improve your score by another 5 points.


Rajat Sadana