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Definitely worth it! Advice for future students


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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT Manhattan Prep Live Online

Instructor Avi Gutman

Location Online

Took Avi Gutman's class - great teacher and very engaging. You have to be fully involved in the classroom discussion to make the most of the course, but if you do so, your score will definitely improve.

MGMAT's quant strategy guides are super helpful; in my opinion, the Number Properties guide really is the best of them all. Put simply, I would not have obtained my quant score of 50 without this guide. The GMAT is all about thinking logically and using quick tricks wherever possible - MGMAT's Number Properties guide really knocks it out of the park in this regard.

The verbal strategy guides are also very useful; I have found the CR strategy guide to best most effective in raising my verbal score. While I am no expert at CR, MGMAT's CR guide lays out an extremely effective framework for approaching each CR question type. It took a lot of practice to get used to this framework, but the extra boost to my verbal score (42) was worth all the trouble.

MGMAT also helped me tremendously with my timing issues, a very important part of this test.

Advice for prospective students: Take your MGMAT CAT scores with a grain of salt. I will note that the MGMAT quant section is much tougher than that in the actual exam (this is why I am giving Quant 4 stars). While over-preparation is obviously better than under-preparation, MGMAT runs the risk of demoralizing students into not taking the test. I recommend MGMAT re-calibrate the difficulty level of its CAT quant questions.

Thank you MGMAT for getting me to my dream score!

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