January 10, 2023

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Phenomenal LMP program


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Last Mile Push Review and Support:
My mentor Abha Mohan was fantastic, she guided me with the steps needed to ace the test. The guidance was very structured. She would also track my progress and provide any course corrections if required. I genuinely appreciate her detailed feedback on my account and ESR for my retake. I was really amazed by this personal touch. Kudos to her for that.

The support team of e-GMAT is very prompt and collaborative. When my mentor was unavailable, they made sure that some other expert replied promptly. During my first attempt, they were very kind to extend my course for a few days free of cost. During the second attempt, a 1-month extension was provided at a subsidized rate.

Verbal Course:
The course is comprehensive and has all that we need to ace the test. e-GMAT has the best verbal experts. Harsha for CR, Shradha, and Stacey for SC, Payal, and Kanupriya all-round. Their Pre thinking and meaning-based approach do work but require some time to make it intuitive.
My tip is always to feel free to send an email to the support with your queries and use the in-built forum.

Quant Course:
Surprisingly, the quant course of e-GMAT is even better than the verbal course. With the introduction of 'PACE' and diagnostic quizzes, one can customize the course and complete it faster. Swetha is the best Quant instructor in my opinion.

Scholoranium and Sigma X mocks:
The questions are modeled very closely on the official GMAT Prep questions and are of high quality.
The mocks are the best and close to the real thing. The analytics are great. Please don't forget to use the 'Skill data' part of the course to understand and ace your weaknesses.

Areas of improvement:
My suggestion to the e-GMAT team is to include the error log feature inbuilt into the course, instead of filling all the already available data again in the excel sheet. I felt this part to be tedious.
Also, include a feature to track progress or time spent, etc. Please provide video explanations and written explanations of all the solutions.
In addition, the RC course can be further improved. Please come out with something like 'PACE' for the verbal course as well.

Overall the course is value for your money.

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October 27, 2022

Dear DeepakMBA22,  

Congratulations on your wonderful score!!

This is Abha from e-GMAT. Scoring a 690 is no mean feat and I am so glad that I could be a part of your journey.

Let us look at the key takeaways from your journey:

You completed the course in the right spirit and cemented each of the sub-sections mastering your concepts and attaining the 85%ile ability. Here is an image that reflects how you mastered the pre-thinking approach in CR, which in turn helped you to reduce the timing and to attain 92% accuracy in hard questions.

Image Link -

I love the fact that you enjoyed PACE and that it helped you save time on the Quant side of preparations. For example, In WP alone, as we can see from the image below - you were able to save almost 10 hours.

Image Link -

We truly appreciate your feedback regarding our course. While we continuously strive to improve our product by working on new avenues, your suggestion happens to be already in the pipeline :)

It was a pleasure working with you in the Last Mile Push program and I wish you all the best for the next steps!