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I scored 740 in my first official GMAT attempt (V44, Q48). While there are many resources and people that helped me achieve my dream score, E-GMAT is definitely one of them.

I purchased the online 360 course from E-GMAT which included both verbal and quant resources. To start with, E-GMAT verbal is very good. I trusted the process oriented approach that E-GMAT teaches and promotes for all subsections - SC, RC, CR. The videos are very well structured. Going through each of the SC and CR concept files really helped me build a strong base to tackle the different types of questions. The focus that the SC course lays on meaning based approach really works wonders and becomes the go to weapon while tackling 700+ level questions. And the "Pre-thinking" approach for CR is also extremely beneficial. Although, I developed a modified approach (selective pre-thinking) for the CR questions, pre-thinking undoubtedly leads to high levels of accuracy. I can compare the E-GMAT verbal course to a gym - if you are regular and diligent, spend a good amount of time and most important, trust the process oriented approach, results will definitely follow.

The quant videos are not as good as verbal, but they are also good enough. Specially, the new Quant 2.0 course, which is much better than the previous one. It is quite exhaustive and helps you understand and solidify all the concepts. I used the E-GMAT quant course to brush up the concepts and then the GMAT club tests (which come complimentary with the course) to strengthen the topics and increase my speed.

I will surely recommend the E-GMAT course to everyone. Just one caution - if you are not studying full time and at the same time are looking for a course that's fast paced, then E-GMAT is probably not the right option. But if you have time (min 3 months) and are willing to put in the hours, then you should definitely go for E-GMAT.

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