June 14, 2013

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After going through hundreds of PDFs, forums , videos about how to go about your essay, I wrote what I thought were the most brilliant 300 odd words that described my career goals. This was before I attended the Admissionado 3 day workshop.

The first session itself with these folks made me tear apart what I thought was a good essay. Kyn was outstanding in his in depth explanations about each building block in the essays. His explanations were not only crystal clear, but they were exciting enough to ignite your own desire to go ahead and write better. After the first session I simply could not wait to put pen to paper. And it only went better from here on.

Three sessions of rich insights,valuable interaction and brilliant critique by Admissionado helped me much more than gigabytes of text or video I looked up endlessly on the internet. I wish I had attended these 6 hours earlier and saved those internet bills and more importantly my TIME.

Admissionado is made of a bunch of cool and innovative folks who simply stand apart from those regular 'yawn' companies keeping you energised all along your admissions and making the entire process exciting !

Thanks to Kyn for outstanding sessions and Lauren for keeping things real smooth and alive!!!

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