August 03, 2014

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

Location Online

After having a shocker GMAT score of 620 in my previous attempt I decided to completely change my strategy for my next attempt. I decided to take a prep course that concentrates on concepts and approach so that I am ready to tackle any question on gmat. After a week of going through blogs, attending trial classes and getting feedbacks from those who had recently taken gmat – I zeroed down on e-gmat.
After using e-gmat course – verbal online and Verbal live – I can safely say that e-gmat has taken SC and CR to the next level altogether.
For sentence correction, it doesn’t stop at providing you with grammar rules but also gives you step by step approach for applying them on gmat question. But the anchor of their sentence correction approach is “Meaning”. The analysis of meaning that this course stresses on enables one to tackle questions even if you don’t know all the grammar rules. I am particularly impresses with “modifier” and “parallelism” section of sentence correction. Before gmat, I have confidence that I know how to tackle each and every SC question without cramming all the rules.
I was bit skeptical about pre thinking approach that e-gmat recommends for CR. I could not solve any question in less than 2 min, if I used this approach. But I doggedly used this approach (even on 600 level question) for 15 days. My accuracy zoomed up from day 1 but I was still worried about time. In 10 -15 days of consistent practice, I realized that I could do the entire pre thinking approach – analyzing argument, understanding logic, assumption and out of scope and pre-thinking without scribbling anything. I was amazed that I have gained amazing accuracy without spending more than 90 – 100 sec on each question. It specially comes very handy to handle 700+ questions.

I am taking gmat again on 19th August and would write back to tell you all detailed story of my gmat experience.


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