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Course e-GMAT Mentorship

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The Mentorship program allowed me to be consistent in my preparation. The GMAT tests on a wide variety of subjects and one can get scattered in their preparation. In fact, I had a GMAT version of FOMO while studying: I would be working on geometry and then think that I need to be working on SC only to open CR guide… it has been helpful to have a trustworthy mentor 1-with good grasp of the content, 2-who can analyze my scores and 3- then suggest a study plan accordingly.
Furthermore, the weekly plans DEFINITELY improved my consistency giving me a checklist to challenge every week, even when it didn’t seem I could pull it off. I did not have to dedicate little time that I had on strategizing my preparation; I would just have to look at my daily tasks and start working. This allowed me to make the most of the e-GMAT resources within the timespan I had to prepare.
The mentorship program also entailed Strategy Huddles (zoom meetings) with themes spanning from motivation, success stories, mental health, work organization, study tips... and we had a Whatsapp group to stay in touch with the cohort, share questions, discuss solutions and encourage & congratulate each other. The community feeling definitely helped.
Finally, my mentor arranged a call the day before the exam for the last min prep, motivation and test-taking strategies.
For all the reasons above, and if you want to make sure you cover all the aspects of GMAT prep, I highly recommend the e-GMAT course & mentorship program.

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