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GMAT Score Improvement with E-GMAT's help


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Course e-GMAT Online Intensive

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2 months into exam preparation I had realized simply solving many difficult questions is not going to make the cut.
Post a 620 in my first attempt, I was certain of this.
While the concepts seemed simple and generic, there was something missing and I just didn't know what that was.
I decided to seek outside help and gave e-GMAT a shot.
Post the initial onboarding
,I dived into the course. Kudos to the team for making an excellent and user-friendly portal. The analytics uses performance in 1st Sigma X mock exam and our your target score to create a customized study plan. The course work and concept files are elaborate and covers everything one needs to know for the exam.The course focusses on building ability and exposes your weak areas in each section. The ability quizzes quantifies your learning and nudges you to work towards gap-fixing. The whole prep feels like a story--there is a start point and a logical destination. You can feel the improvement!
I personally liked the Quant course more than Verbal. The scholaranium is a decent question bank that covers everything under the sun, needed to ace this exam. Sigma X mocks offer the right challenges needed to be exam ready and create that stamina needed to ace the exam.
Overall, it's a great deal and I recommend purchasing both Quant and Verbal material, when going the e-GMAT way!

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