November 25, 2016

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This review is for Marshall

Program Full Time MBA

Class of 2018

Experience during the program

Hi, I am an international student. My overall experience as of now has been amazing.

I wanted to pivot my career to consulting after MBA. The resources the college has provided for consulting have been amazing.

USC Mashall is very good for Consulting, Entertainment & Tech industries.

I can talk about consulting, as my primary focus has been in that.
The college has it location advantage and is, therefore, one of the targets recruiting college for the big four consulting companies. The Full-time hires for consulting this year has been generous. The support from Trojan network is awesome. The alumni are always ready to provide guidance and help in career decisions.
The Student clubs especially Consulting club trained us very well on the different aspects of an MBA journey.

Prospective students who are interested in Consulting should seriously consider applying to this college.

About professors, classes and curriculum

The curriculum is decent. no complaints as such.

About job placement process

All the Big 4 recruit consulting companies recruit on the campus.

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (3.0)
Classmates rating (5.0)

Strengths of the program:

Alumni Network
Career opportunities provided by school
Culture & Student Support
Specialization in a particular area (e.g. Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, etc)

Best fit at this program:


Can be improved:

Admissions Team

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March 12, 2014

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e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep


Improvement N/A

Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

Location Online

e-GMAT Verbal is useful for a non-native student particularly if one needs to learn the basics.
The course is very well prepared and presented. I really feel it requires experts to brainstorm for months to prepare such content and mock questions. Each section has levels and requires you to score the required accuracy to move to the next level. This makes sure that you are clear with each concept.
SC : I feel this is the best section in the e-GMAT course. The way each concept is explained is mind blowing. Needless to say, my accuracy increased after completing SC from e-GMAT.
RC: The reading strategies are explained very well. I feel RC requires the student to understand and deduce his/her own comfortable way to deal with it.

CR: I personally feel CR is my strength (with a good accuracy), so I did not really refer to e-GMAT. Therefore, I cannot comment on this

Live Prep Sessions: The workshops and strategy sessions are really really good. Try to attend one free session because it will surely help you to improve your strategy.
I'm planning on taking my GMAT very soon, eagerly waiting to post the final review
Positives :
1) The course content in e-GMAT
2) e-GMAT tutors
3) The posts they post in GC are awesome
4) The question bank
1) I found a few minute errors in the software

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