June 14, 2016

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Great self-study course for beginners at an affordable price!


Improvement 20 Points

Course Magoosh Premium

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I have been using Magoosh for about 6 months now and I find the videos very informative. I think Mike is a great teacher who really knows how to explain new concepts in a slow way so students won't get lost. The quantitative section is pretty good but the best section was the very detailed sentence correction. Lots of videos with lots of explanations and helpful hints and tricks on how to approach SC problems. I actually learned the most from watching the SC videos although SC was already my strongest part of the GMAT.
One of the biggest assets from Magoosh were the thousands of questions one could sort by topic and difficulty level. I really liked having this kind of flexibility. The interface of the platform was super easy to use.
Sometimes it seemed like Kevin or the other guy (can't remember the name) sort of rushed through the video explanation... especially for CR and RC. The explanations often sounded like this: "Well, it's not A nor C, and it's definitely not D so when we look at B and E we have to pick B because that's just the right answer." :)

Magoosh was my first online course I worked through in addition to OG, and Manhattan strategy guides and I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is just starting out. You get more than enough for your money!

Another big plus I want to point out is the EXCELLENT customer service of Magoosh. They rock! They really try hard to provide a satisfying answer to your questions and send additional material that may help you. Customer service is GREAT!

The downside of it all is that my score improved by only 20 points. I did pick up a few points in quant but nothing in verbal.
I have now decided to give another company a try and see how their on-demand course works and then compare the results to what I got with Magoosh.

In summary, I was actually pretty satisfied with the Magoosh course and I still use their question banks for practice. They really have hundreds or even close to 1000 practice questions.

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December 13, 2016


I am just starting out on the GMAT prep and in the process of reviewing prep material. You wrote you were about to give some other company a try after Magoosh. Would really appreciate if you share your experience about any other study material from another company and how you found it compared to Magoosh.

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