July 28, 2016

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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I have always been bad when it comes to my command over English. (though, I still feel same). I was fortunate that I came to GMATClub and after reading various Debrief of club member sharing their GMAT journey and how e-gmat has helped them, I attended e-gmat webinar and I liked how Payal approached the questions, then there was no second thought and thus, I enrolled for GMAT prep. After going through the online interactive videos, I started feeling comfortable with GMAT Verbal, but there was still a lag, therefore after reading so many debriefs on Verbal Live Prep, I decided to enroll in Verbal Live. That very decision led to score 710 in real GMAT. Basically, Live classes helped me approach the problems and I replicated the same approach in every approached problem. Initially, time was my concern, but as I kept on following the e-gmat approach to tackle questions, I was able to finish the questions in time.
I have used e-gmat sources, GMAT OG Guides and GMAT club Maths Test.
I started using scholarnium which further boosted my confidence. The questions were very much similar to tried OG questions and I felt that many of them tested me in the same way that Official Guide questions did.
The way Scholarnium gave the statistics, it helped me target my weak area and hence further confidence to solve the problems.

I want to thank e-gmat and gmatclub for the score I had.

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