February 28, 2014

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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I would like to extend my profound gratitude towards the entire e-GMAT team for their support and guidance during my GMAT preparation so far.

I am using VLP since past few months and have observed a remarkable improvement both in my confidence to attempt verbal questions and in my accuracy. Some of the most striking advantages that I have experienced while using this course are:

[1] Process/Strategy:

Earlier my strategy for verbal Qs was to solve them based on my 'gut feeling' , shortcuts and 'tuned ear' (for SC). This was clearly a flawed approach and was leading me nowhere. VLP, on the other hand, has now equipped me with a well defined process to approach each question in the verbal section. In addition to improving my accuracy and speed it has taken my confidence to another level. And since I feel more confident while attempting each question it helps me remain more calm and focused during mocks.

[2] Live Session - to learn from others' mistakes

It happens a lot of times that one does not come across certain gaps in his/her understanding and application of the concepts until he/she sees others doing such mistakes. The live session takes care of this aspect of GMAT verbal preparation. I have learned a lot from others' mistakes and doubts and has immensely helped me in plugging loopholes in my understanding of the concepts.

We (non natives) know that verbal is usually our Achilles heel and we need to travel an extra mile to match up with the tough competition out there. So I would strongly recommend VLP to all those non-natives who are really serious about scoring high on GMAT.

All the best for your preparation.

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