August 03, 2021

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E-GMAT has uplifted my abysmal score from 400 to 770. When I had received 400, it shows that I am bad in both sections. However, I have taken the E-GMAT course, and believe me it has changed my life forever.
Verbal Section:-->
SC course is so precisely made that even non-English speakers could able to crack the GMAT with the sole help from the E-GMAT course. Its meaning-based approach had made my GMAT journey easy.
CR course pre-thinking approach is very well drafted. I could save approx 35 secs on each question after following the pre-thinking approach.
RC course is so well crafted including all types of questions such as Science and technology, literature, history, etc.

The Quant section is so well made that I could learn each and every concept from scratch and practice as many questions as given in schoalrium.

As we know that today's world work on data ideology and I love data. E-GMAT has helped to achieve my dream score by imbibing in my mind that how data could be useful by using Quant 2.0 and Verbal 2.0 as well.

Both were so insightful that they actually helped me a lot to improve on every aspect of my preparation from starting my 400 scores to reach my 770 Score.

What I have done differently after having E-GMAT Score.

Read, Read, Read novels and newspapers(Taken subscription of Wall street journal, NYT, Washington Post).
Read some IEEE conference papers for understanding the big paragraphs.
Diligently followed the error logs. Always give 2 hours a day for my error log review.

Most important thing
Believe in yourself always.

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August 07, 2021

How much time and attempts did it take you to reach from 400 to 770 ?
This is a very humble and personal question as I am also started with a score of 490 and aspire to reach a score of 750-760.

Thanking you in advance.

August 07, 2021

You may want to also ask the user here in their debrief: