October 22, 2016

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E-GMAT is an absolute boon to GMAT test takers


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Dear Fellow GMAT Test takers,

I, Arun Kumar took GMAT on Sep 10th,2016 and scored 720. Let me explain the Pros and Cons of E-GMAT and how it helped me score a 720.

I am a non- native English speaker and took GMAT twice. In my first attempt, I scored 650 ( Q 46, V34) and in my second attempt scored 720 ( Q49, V 38). I can definitely say E-GMAT was pivotal in improving my score. In the very first mock test that I took, I scored 560. I remember scoring V 26 in that mock test.

This shattered my confidence of ever crossing the 700 barrier. I did not give up hope and started with MGMAT material. MGMAT material is the absolute best to refresh your Quant skills, but their SC book was too much for me to absorb and I was unable to apply the same during the test.

I use to go over the MGMAT SC book over and over again. Even though, I understood the concepts, I was unable to apply the same in timed GMAT mock tests. It just frustrated me and made me feel incompetent. I knew that I have hit a road block and had to figure out an alternative path.

I was planning on taking an In class training, but it was an expensive option and did not fit my work schedule. This is when I researched my options and found E-GMAT online live prep program.

The program, which is in video format, was easy to assimilate and is organized based on weight-age of topics too. I was amazed to see how I can understand the core concepts with ease and apply the same during my mocks.

If you are struggling with SC then E-GMAT will help you nail it for sure. SC is unique and many questions can be solved by pattern recognition. However, This takes time and effort. You do need a structured approach in which you understand the grammar rules and common error types. E-GMAT helps you achieve this. I would definitely recommend you take the ability quiz at the beginning of each section and practice on their quizzes as they help you not only identify your weak areas but also analyze what made you choose the wrong answer.

Once you understand these two aspects your mind can see a pattern. When you are taking the test you become like MATRIX-NEO and can see the traps ahead of you.

I am naturally good at CR, yet I used Aristotle CR guide to bolster my CR preparation. RC was the silent killer, which messed up my score greatly. I used E-GMAT RC videos and Chinese RC burn to bolster my process and practiced OG questions countless times to improve on speed and accuracy.


1) Video based learning.
2) Prompt response on questions from trainers.
3) Pricing and you get GMAT club tests free. This sealed the deal for me.
4) Ability Quizzes and analysis.
5) Quiz questions closely resemble the GMAT test, but I have seen few odd balls.
6) In All major concept videos such as parallelism, -ing modifier, you can review the crux of the topic without the need to watch the entire video again.
7) You have a one week trial period, I believe, during which you can try the program and check if it suits your learning style.
8) Commitment of trainers. Payal, Shraddha and many other trainers truly want to see you succeed and show commitment.

1) CR and RC training videos can be improved. If E-GMAT can make their CR and RC sections as good as their SC section is , then they will surely dominate the GMAT training program world.

I have not used their Quant training program, so I cannot comment on it.

In short, If you are struggling with SC,CR and RC then definitely E_GMAT will help you succeed. However, E-GMAT is not a magic pill. The course will help you 60%, but you need to put in 50 % ( 110%) to slay GMAT.

I will be writing a note on how I scored 720 in which I will talk about what GMAT actually tests. The soft skills that I believe are critical for your success.

I am working on my application now. Once I am done with the same, you can expect to read my story. Till then work hard and be focused my friends.

All the best!!!.


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October 30, 2016

Hi amariappan ,

That was a very detailed review and quite helpful. Are you now taking help from an Admission counsellor ?

October 30, 2016

Hi @brijeshbangalore ,

Thanks for the comment. I am applying to only one program -"Chicago Booth Weekend MBA program". I have several reasons to choose this particular program and will write a separate article about the same. I have been looking at various admission consultant's reviews . Even though many of them sound promising, I believe I can write my essays without any assistance. I am using ApplicantLab to help me frame my essays and it is way cheaper than what many admission consultants charge for their service.

Once I get my admit, I will write a detailed review on how I prepared for GMAT, what does GMAT actually tests and few tips on app process.