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I took GMAT on 16th August 2021 and scored a 700. eGMAT played a big role in helping me reach this score. I purchased eGMAT course in February 2021.

The best thing about the course is that it is structured, and it focuses a lot on cementing the process of applying concepts. Both quant and verbal courses had their own features:
• Quant 2.0- Here, one doesn't have to do all concepts. Every module will start with a concept diagnostic quiz whose results will recommend which concept we should do in detail. This accelerates the prep. Besides, multiple application files will help you do GMAT-style questions with the right and effective approach.
• Verbal- I found its SC course very helpful. Their meaning-based approach is now embedded in my process and has helped me every time in my practice and official exam. For both CR and RC, while I took time in embedding their pre-thinking and reading strategies in my approach to solve questions, I could see the difference in my attempts. These strategies do work.

Scholaranium is eGMAT's differentiator. It not only helped me track my performance and improve areas but also gave detailed explanations of each question attempted. These explanations are way better than the answers explained in OG.

Sigma X Mocks- I am still not sure about the accuracy of these mocks. Official ones are the best in terms of accuracy. But these will definitely help one in identifying the weak areas- where are you getting questions wrong, where are you taking time, and why are you taking time. Eventually, they will help you in building your test strategy at the final leg of your preparation.

The game-changer in my entire experience with eGMAT program was their Last Mile push program, in which they reach out to dedicated students, assigning a mentor to each of them at the final leg of preparation. My final leg went on for 2-3 months. Atreya Roy was my mentor, and he not only built weekly plans for me but also motivated me throughout my journey. He shared personalized videos during my final prep, which further increased my confidence in specific areas such as Inference for RC. He made my review process easier too. Looking at multiple weak areas, I used to get overwhelmed. But he always calmed me down and built plans around specific topics. Whenever I gave mock, while I could see the improvement, that was very less as compared to the efforts I was putting. Due to this, sometimes, I felt that I was wasting his time as well, but he didn't give up on me. And I am grateful for that.

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