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E-GMAT Verbal Review


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I scored 730 in my first GMAT attempt with a Q50 and V39 split. I managed to get a 7/8 in the IR section. I used the E-GMAT online course to study the Verbal and the IR sections of the GMAT exam.

The SC and CR files were the most helpful resources in the verbal module. They made the answer analysis almost automatic. The CR pre-thinking process and the SC meaning-based approach are hands down the real winners of the E-GMAT Verbal course. The Verbal Scholarium section has very good practice questions and the Sigma-X mocks help you evaluate and improve your GMAT score. Their analytics tool is really amazing at tracking your progress. It identifies weak areas and gives good feedback. The IR section helps with some good practice GMAT styled IR questions. Overall, the E-GMAT online course provides you with the appropriate study material, all in one place, required to crack the GMAT exam and get into the top 5percentile. I would recommend the E-GMAT online course to every serious test taker who aims to get a score higher than 720 in their first attempt. This course helps boost your verbal score which is the deal-breaker for a good GMAT score.

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