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The best prep material for Quant available in market!


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I started off with my GMAT preparation early and used Manhattan guide books for Quant section. Within a month or two, I was able to have a good grasp on the basic concepts. In the official practice tests, my Quant score hovered around 46-47 and I was finding it very difficult to identify my conceptual gaps.

In order to build upon my basics and identify my weak areas, I was looking for a prep material that worked in a methodical manner. I enrolled for the trial version of TTP and realised that it was exactly what I was looking for. I took a 4-months subscription and worked extensively on it. By the time I finished off my 4 months, I was easily able to score 49-50.

A few points that I observed about the course:
- Earlier I had difficulty in managing time on the quant section but after completing the 4 month course, I could complete the quant section with out time hassles. Probably, it was because of practicing thousands of question of almost every type on the TTP platform that one feels confident to take on any question.
- The structure of the platform is very neat and structured. One moves on to the next module only after completing all the concepts of the present module. I found the learning approach very methodical and well planned out.
- The program requires a lot of time investment and if one is short on time, he/she would not be able to make the best use of it.

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