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GMAT Course review - TTP


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I took the GMAT recently and scored a 710. I did mainly SC and some Quant topics from TTP's course as I was already decent at other sections of GMAT verbal. I was impressed by the course's exhaustiveness. It covers everything you need to know. Things I like about TTP:

1. It makes your task easier by providing you different features such as highlights, bookmarks, excellent error log, etc. These features may sound normal, but they are lifesavers when you are reviewing the material and errors.

2. The course covers everything you need. Once you complete this course, you'll not need to do anything else. Just make sure that you don't finish the course in hurry.

3. Strategy lessons are just awesome. GMAT is not just about concepts, but also mind set. I think the strategy lessons help you a lot to create the right mindset.

I honestly think TTP spoon feeds you everything you need for a good GMAT score.

I also did some quant chapters. However, I did them in a hurry and didn't complete the chapters. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I am decent at quant so I skimmed through the concepts and didn't take the chapter tests. I would highly recommend to just take the TTP course and follow the process they mention.

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