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I was already late for R2 applications and when I got done with my GMAT. In addition, veing relatively young, IT male Indian applicant, I needed all help I could get.
First day I started the process with EG, they shared me 4-5 weeks planner , clearly stating what I had to do. Being a procastinator, I realised that I needed those deadlines.
With EG, you don't start with nothing. They tell what points need to be shared and how to articulate these in points. So when I started writing essays, I knew the structure and specific points I needed to mention.
I knew beforehand that resume was going to be my achilles heel and we ended going back and forth until we got it right. Also, giving mock interviews helped me to structure my thoughts and help me to get my point across without running around in circles.
The best thing about them, is that I didn't have to wait for them to reply. They were very responsive with my queries and thoughts. With their help, I could submit multiple applications on time and even got few admits.

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