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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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Target Test Prep is the sole reason for my 130 point improvement. It helps you transition from measuring progress by hours counted to content absorbed. As a task oriented person, the way that the course is structured was vital to my success. If you follow the plan laid out by the course and put in the work, there is no reason that your score should not dramatically improve. The course gives you everything you need to succeed and is incredibly affordable! As you move along in the course, the target accuracies on the review quizzes give you a sense for how well you are progressing towards your target score. As you continue to move forward, the analytics that the course provides are incredibly helpful. For every mistake you make, you have an opportunity to improve. You will then be able to look back on your weaknesses through the analytics and see the potential score sinking topics that you should put more time into. I would use this product again in a heartbeat.

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