November 23, 2019

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Structured approach to GMAT prep


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When I decided to the GMAT, i didn't really have to research the prep provider too much. I knew someone who had prepared using the e-GMAT online course and scored 700+, so it was a natural choice for me.

That being said, what I found really useful in the course is the way the topics are structured, they really help build the concepts from the ground up and at no point does it feel like there is leap which leaves you with a conceptual gap. And the quizzes in scholaranium ensure that you can check your understanding at each milestone as you go along.

The study planner is another great tool that is provided by e-GMAT platform, it helped me set concrete and achievable targets that i could aim for. This helped me not only stay on track but also course correct if i deviated.

The personalized support from e-GMAT team is an added bonus. In the two weeks before the test, they asked me to focus my efforts on the 80% of topics that I already covered instead of fretting over the 20% that I hadn't. I believe that went a long way in improving my results.

I can't compare any other prep provider to e-GMAT because I didn't use any other material, except the OG guides and official mocks. But what I can say is that at no point during my preparation did i feel the need for additional resources.

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