December 10, 2013

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I am non-native speaker of english and indeed ,till my higher secondary ,the medium of instruction was Hindi. So, in GMAT world my weakest area was verbal. I prepared with standard study material such as manhattan GMAT sentence correction and power score CR and even taken a local coaching to improve my verbal score. But I had a lot of doubt which remained as doubt.

Then,I attempted GMAT on 25th April 2013 and got 660 ( Q49,V31,AWA 4.0,IR7). After my 1st attempt I realized that to cross 700,I have to get good understanding of the SC followed by CR and RC. In July 2013, I attended a strategy session of e-gmat conducted by Rajat and went through the free trials of e-gmat.Then, I joined Verbal online as was convinced that Verbal online will be suitable to my work schedule and my laziness.

Frankly till 12th November 2013, I did not utilize the course properly and was just going through files of SC,CR and RC intermittently. From 13th November 2013, I started seriously preparing for GMAT as I had decided to give GMAT a final shot ( Now or never). In ten days I went through all the files of SC,CR ,and RC and then I read all the articles of e-gmat on Gmat club. All the concept i revised in my mind several times.

After this, I got opportunity to attend Verbal workshop on 24th November.In the workshop, I performed poorly. In the analysis of the workshop, as told by e-gmat, I noted down the reasons for my falter ( they were five in number) and then made a plan to overcome from all those reasons.I devoted one day for each reason and then gave Gmatclub verbal test, Kaplan online test ( 3 tests) and manhattan online test ( free test) . My scored improved considerably as I scored V 38 Gmatclub verbal test, below 81,83and 95 percentile in Kaplan online test and V44 in Manhattan free online test ( This I gave second time. First time I gave this test in March2013). As less than a day left for my test, I went through AWA and some quants question, but did not prepare for IR. Finally, On 3rd December I gave the GMAT and scored 700 ( Q49,V35,AWA 5.0,IR4.0).

During my 20 days preparation, I realized how good the verbal online course is. Special mention for SC, because I think this is the best course which anybody can take and become comfortable with nuances of SC- sentence structure,meaning and spotting the errors.SC is structured in very easy to understand mode . Moreover, the articles written for SC is superb.In CR, Structure and pre-thinking steps gives a solid understanding of the argument. In RC, solution technique for Inference question was best.But the best part is verbal workshop. I recommend everyone to attend it,because it gives you the points where you have to focus (even you have studied full and getting a good score in mocks).

Finally, Thanks to e-gmat. I recommend Verbal online course to anyone who have problem in verbal, especially in SC and CR and who wants to give the test in very short duration.

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