August 14, 2015

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Let me start with my GMAT score which was dismal 580 v 25.
Now, the reason why i am still rating eGMAT higher is because i felt that the concepts were properly and extensively captured in a simplistic manner. Only thing i would disagree is that one could increase the GMAT score simply within 2-3 weeks prior to taking the GMAT. This was actually a misconception based on which i subscribed for this course with 3 weeks to spare for my actual GMAT and the result is now proven. I actually bought just the SC course in April 2015 but not sure how much it helped since i dont know the breakdown of my SC score. My previous GMAT score was 620 so this was a drop for me unfortunately

Having said that, I would still say that eGMAT fares better than many of its competitors and anyone native/non-native should try it well in advance of taking actual GMAT though. Its Quant online course is underrated but more comprehensive, clear and useful.

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