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Nothing tastes better than success - The saying is so true and I will never forget the evening of 5th August, 2015 exactly 1 month back from today when I tasted long awaited success in the GMAT. It was my 3rd attempt at the GMAT and I can say I finally made it. I will never forget the last 2.5 years of testing times that I had to face to get through a decent score in the GMAT. Exactly 2.5 years ago I decided to take the GMAT and I must have gone through tons of materials before I finally scored a 680 in my 3rd attempt. Many would consider this as a medium range score but after 2 unsuccessful attempts of 560 and 570, this is like a fab score to me.
I decided to start with Kaplan material and after my 1st GMAT prep score of 600, I decided to enroll into a classroom coaching to build up my concepts. It was a 2 month weekend course and by the time, I could get a feel of the concepts, we were almost at the end of the session. I practiced a lot of questions and I gave the GMAT Prep a few more times with my last score being a 670. I had blocked my GMAT date long back and I was confident to score at least 650 plus in the main exam. I had begun well but somehow got caught in the time game and I had to hurry up the last questions in both the sections. Result was a 560 (Q 40, V27) on the screen. I was sad but then I knew that my weakness was time management and accuracy in crunch time. I had to manage my time and felt that some more practice along with time management would surely help me improve my score but the challenge was to improve by 100 points at least.
I then decided to join another coaching and chose one based on web reviews. The classroom coaching was really good and I planned to retake the exam within 6 months this time. I must have practiced at least 1500 odd problems and I took several online practice tests before I felt confident enough to give another attempt. i had scored in the range of 670 to 720 in all my tests and I could say that I was better prepared this time. I began very well in the Quant section but some tricky questions and I lost time again but I still regained ground and ended well (at least I thought so). I began the verbal section well but a few lengthy RC passages and I felt that I messed up RC. I thought I had made up by doing well on the CR and SC section but when I saw the final score 570 (Q 44, V 25), I was devastated. I gave the exam on a Friday and I spent the whole weekend sulking not able to pinpoint the real cause of failure.
Improvement by only 10 points was surely good enough to deter me from taking the GMAT again but I did not want to give up and wanted to give 1 last try. I read through a lot of reviews for online courses and I finally chose e-GMAT Verbal Online course. I thought the best way to attempt it the 3rd time would be to get an online teacher as I could read through the courses at any time of the day. I began with live online sessions held by Rajat and I felt good the first time I attended it. Both the quant and verbal sections were very well broken up by topics and sub topics and the details were good enough for any person to brush up the basics. I went through each module of the verbal section atleast twice so as to be more confident. Another advantage was access to the GMAT club and I must say that the e-GMAT course modules helped me approach the problems in a systematic way. The final push was the Scholaranium set, which actually helped me improve my accuracy while keeping a tab on the time. The D-day arrived and I was much confident this time. I could really time all questions very well and the final score read 680 (Q50, V31). I surely was a bit disappointed to see my Verbal score but nevertheless I made it. I would like to thank Rajat, Payal and the entire e-GMAT team for the wonderful online coaching that the team provides. One can learn and relearn the concepts again and again and at one.s own pace and time. In one word, e-GMAT rocks and I would recommend every GMAT taker and retaker to consider this course.
I took a long break before I went and reattempted the GMAT again simply because I needed to practice more and overcome my fear of failing in CATs.
Some things to remember:
1.Don.t give up just because you have failed earlier. Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams to get what you seek.
2.Prepare a little everyday even if it means solving only 10 questions every day
3.Refer to various GMAT forums to understand the concept behind each wrong question that you have attempted and you fill find a series of reasoning for that particular question
4.Practice, practice and practice on the timing so that you can beat the GMAT

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