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Aligns your story, perfects the execution


Accepted: CBS ED (full tuition)
Services Used: Comprehensive package for CBS

My application was unique in that Scott and I started the application one month before the deadline. After the initial free profile discussion with Scott, I found him to be down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and seemed to genuinely care about his clients (vs larger companies). I encourage everyone on the fence about admissions consultants to give Scott a call and test the waters.

Once I decided to go with him, Scott expedited our approach given my timeline, of course while still covering key aspects and providing top quality feedback, usually within 18 hours. Generally speaking, the first step was to fill out some forms and provide more background information on myself (typical resume history, interests, and motivations). A day or so later, we scheduled a call for Scott to really learn more about me. Scott takes into account almost everything in your life (or everything your willing to share) in crafting the perfect story for you. When all that is done, we worked together to create outlines for the essay. I think I had at least 8+ edits on 3 essays with Scott. This is really what you’re paying for – world class story crafting services with unlimited edits until both of you feel comfortable with the execution. Might I say that Scott delivers constructive criticism the way it is without the sugar coat, and is ultimately what should be provided.

All in all, very happy Scott was involved in my application process. My first drafts, the ones without Scott’s help, were terrible in retrospect. I know many are skeptical about admission consultants, but the upfront fee is nothing compared to potential scholarships or rejections. Give Scott a call to make your application standout.

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