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e-GMAT is the way to ace GMAT


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I prepared for CAT, but I could not succeed. With experience of standardized test, CAT, I started preparing for GMAT. I was naturally good at quant, but verbal was my weak spot. This fact was established once again when I took the GMAT Prep test. I got Q49 and V28. I started practising questions from OG and thought that I would improve. SC was a big concern for me. I was relatively better in CR and RC was an area in which I was inconsistent. Nonetheless, with half preparation, I appeared for GMAT and scored 640 (Q49 V27).

I realized that I lack the process to approach the problems and in real GMAT, I struggled with timing. Then, I came across e-GMAT; on GC, I read very good reviews about this course and how useful it had proved to be especially for non-natives. I signed up for Verbal Live Prep, and completed the course diligently.

- SC course is really helpful! The explanations of every single OG question is detailed and helped me understand why a particular answer is right. 3-step process to reach the right answer became my habit.
- CR course is good as well. Rajat’s pre-thinking approach helped a lot. Initially, I struggled with pre-thinking approach. But, over a period of time and with practice, I started pre-thinking and could cut down on time to answer a CR question.
- RC: I started using Payal’s strategy of understanding the meaning and essence of each para. I started ignoring the tough words and focused on understanding the gist of the sentence.

In Real GMAT, I could score 700 (Q48 V37).

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