August 28, 2019

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One of the best decisions i've made that year


I have worked with Heidi Granner for the most part, and Jen Kedrowski helped me with interviews preparations at the end, as Heidi was leaving on a maternity leave.

As i mentioned, engaging with Mbamission was one of the best decisions i have made during this year. I am impressed with the level of professionalism, passion, and dedication Heidi showed throughout the process, and with way Jen hopped at the end and made me feel confident at the interviews.

Not only did i feel calm and guided throughout the process, but Heidi always found the right words of encouragement - something that tremendously helped mentally to pull through (job complex situations).

Heidi was always punctual, professional, and knew exactly how to better structure your responses, allowing the essays to stay personal and authentic, yet answering admission committees questions within the strict word limit.
Towards the (happy) end of my journey, Jen helped me to prep for the interviews. She was also amazing in the way she gave me feedback and guiding to further preparation.

I had a feeling that the whole process was very well thought through initially, and later tailored to each student - via timeline, collecting best personal stories, and adjusting working style. Overall, this was, i think, a life-changing experience for me and application would have been so much more complicated, stressful, lengthier and error prone.

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