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GMAT Course Review
From 690 to 740
August 17 | 2012
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The Manhattan GMAT Online Live course helped increase my performance on the GMAT by 50 points. I initially began my preparation for the GMAT in the summer of 2011, and ended up taking the test two times last fall -- each time I scored a 690.

I knew that my GMAT score would need to increase by at least 20 points to be truly competitive at top-tier schools and I didn't know the best way to approach my studies for 2012.

The Manhattan GMAT course helped me reach my target score of 740 for a number of reasons:

The Syllabus
The course includes a weekly syllabus with recommended study activities. This proved to be very helpful for me; as an individual studying without direction I was never sure that I could stop studying. Before the course I found myself studying for hours on end and, in retrospect, this practice didn't yield the greatest result. The MGMAT course allowed me to complete the recommended activities and feel good about my study efforts each week.

The Books
I've utilized materials from Kaplan, GMAC, Veritas Prep and Manhattan GMAT, and the MGMAT materials are, without a doubt, the best. While it is important to supplement with the GMAC official materials, the MGMAT books provide better insight into each topic.

The Instructors
In addition to mastery of GMAT strategies, content and best practices, the instructors truly care about student goals and performance on test day. Jamie Nelson is an exceptional instructor; she should be commended on her ability to convey information clearly and to increase student mastery of math and verbal topics.

The Volume of Materials
Manhattan GMAT has assembled a plethora of study materials including Online Labs, Question Banks, Topic Books, Practice Tests and much more. The variety of materials makes it possible for each students to understand difficult concepts regardless of her preferred learning style.

I would recommend a Manhattan GMAT (online or live) preparatory course to all folks hoping to achieve a great score on test day.

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