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GMAT Course Review
MGMAT Online -- Excellent
January 11 | 2012
     By jmcd2127 13 3


Location: Online
Taught by: Emily Sledge

I took the Manhattan GMAT online course (instructors Emily Sledge and Keith Blume) and used the tests/forum here as a supplement. Overall, I studied for about 3 months and I spent about 2-3 hrs (on avg) per day studying, it was a lot of work, but worth the time I think.

I thought that the Manhattan course was excellent and both Keith and Emily were great. I haven't taken any other courses, but I can't imagine an online course being any better than the one that I took. Keith and Emily were engaging and kept it interesting. The Manhattan verbal material was excellent. The quant material was also excellent, but the questions (on their prep tests) were too calculation intensive when comparing it to the real GMAT. That was my only problem with the material. The Manhattan quant section is a GREAT section for fundamentals. As long as you recognize that and practice those fundamentals with the GMAT prep Questions.

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