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I was very week in verbal which you can easily gauge by my first attempt GMAT score (V=20). I already completed the official guides and Manhattan verbal but verbal was still pathetic for me. There were a lot of moments when I thought to give up and to concentrate on my job. I like to mention that I am an engineer so I was good in quant but verbal was not my cup of tea. Through some sites I came to know about e-gmat and grockit. And, guys, I want to give the whole credit for my 700+ mark to both the sites.

E-gmat helped me to attack the SC and then I subscribed to their official guide verbal review solutions and their approach to attack the SC really helped me a lot. I must say this is a nice package for the ones who struggle in SC. I also want to thank Payal (e-gmat administrator) for her help and support rendered to me.

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