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Starting with only 520, I improved my score to 700 (GMAT Online). Studying with Target Test Prep was the best decision I made during the prep!
Initially, I was using the MGMAT books that I got from a friend, but the score did not improve much after a few weeks of studying. So, I decided to look for an alternative way of studying. Luckily, Marty Murray, whom I found on the internet, referred me to Target Test Prep.
I enjoyed studying with TTP because it was keeping me engaged through the course. That I could see my score improving gradually was rather motivating.
The material is very thorough and the grind is not tiring at all. It is impressive how the material builds up block by block, eventually increasing the difficulty.
I highly appreciate the time the TTP stuff took to answer my many questions. I also appreciated a lot of material on different GMAT strategies, such as the GMAT time management strategy.
I will definitely recommend Target Test Prep to all my friends. I really enjoyed the tranquil self-studying.
Thank you Scott, Marty, Jeff, Amaury, and Rafael. You guys are the best!

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