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TTP was the best Quant Review I came acroos

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I had a fairly strong verbal after a few months of studying for the GMAT, but I kept on getting tripped up with Quant. I relied a lot on guess and check rather than understanding the concepts. TTP was by far the best Quant tool I came across (and I tried a few). It also has a great question bank, which I strongly suggest people drilling after going through each chapter.

In addition Scott is very responsive to any questions or concerns you have. I completely flopped on a GMAT attempt (psyched myself out during the test) and emailed Scott for suggestions. He demonstrated his willingness to help when he responded to my email.

My only suggestion for test takers using TTP is to supplement your studies with an OG question bank. The TTP question bank is very good; however, the font and visual appearance of their questions is different than what you'll see on test day. I believe getting familiar with the visual appearance of the GMAT questions can play a psychological role on test day. But TTP does a great job instilling the Quant concepts and answering any questions you have.

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