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e-GMAT - A saviour for Non-Native Speakers


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I gave my GMAT once and got a score of 640 by preparing on my own by referring to Manhattan Review & Official Guides. As a non-native speaker(frm India) I sometimes didn't get the reason of why am I doing wrong and why an option is correct. I was just getting scores of 620-660 in mocks then. After giving my GMAT I understood that a real-teacher like course is needed to improve yourself. As a banker with transfers I really didn't think of going to a classroom program. That's when I chose e-GMAT Verbal Online. The course material covers everything that a non-native speaker would want to and covers all the Question ranges. The materials and the examples are top-class and will point at the basic concepts and how best to deal with the flaws in most of the questions so that your accuracy is maintained right from the first tutorial. The forum provides replies from the experts and they're very friendly. Now, after completing their course, I started attempting mocks and I see that I am getting somewhere between 720-750. I am giving my GMAT in 2 month's time and I hope to replicate the scores from my mocks. Thank you E-GMAT for increasing my confidence!

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