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I gave my GMAT in November 2012 and scored a poor 630(Q 48 V 27). I considered myself pretty good with English grammer but GMAT verbal seemed to be an eye opener. All these years of staying away from college and doing a 9-5 job had made me rusty. I figured out that although there was no lack of effort on my part, i need to get the real feel of the GMAT and need to practice high quality questions akin to the GMAT questions.

Thats when I read about E-gmat on GMATclub. i tried a few live sessions on e-gmat sc and thought it was worth a try.

So I purchased the e-gmat SC, CR , RC +Grockit course.. This course is a decent bargain. I attended a few live sessions and found them pretty useful.I ended up making a few friends during these live sessions and it helped to discuss stuff with them during the course of the study.

The SC concepts and quiz are excellent.It is a very structured approach to learning SC from the basics. At times i found it to be too much in detail - but i guess its very good for a non native speaker.
The SC solution videos to the GMAT verbal review 2 SC questions helped a lot as well.

The SC live sessions were good and helped me understand the intricate details in SC. But i feel time management is a problem as the sessions stretch way beyond the scheduled time.

The best part of SC was i could post any doubts that crept in my mind on e-gmat forum. Shraddha and Payal ensured that they responded to all my questions and cleared even the silliest of doubts. Shraddha you were my savior!!

I found the CR live sessions hosted by Rajat very useful. Rajat has excellent clarity and the idea of pre thinking in CR really helps in improving accuracy on CR. However i felt the CR concepts and quiz were too much in detail and i found it boring to go through them at times. The CR section was covered in too much detail and it tweaked further.May be other users would beg to differ with me.

In my humble opinion, i didn't find much use of the RC concepts.

I figured out that the only way to be good at RC is to practice a lot of RC questions and figure out my own strategy.

There are few typos and errors with both SC and CR questions and the software does let you down once in a while :(

After finishing all the e-gmat, concepts , quiz and live sessions i gave myself 3 weeks to revise Verbal and Quant. I gave a few prep tests and scored around 700-730.

I tried a few questions from Grockit as well just to test myself every now and then. I think it did help me to access my problem areas.

I gave my GMAT on 15 April and got a decent 720(Q 49 V 40).

Unfortunately on the test day I was down with fever and couldn't give it my best shot.
It was a big improvement from my previous score of 630 (Q 48 V 27).
I would thank e-gmat for helping me achieve a verbal score improvement from 27 to 40.
I would really like to also thank Rajat, Payal and Archana for helping me out in every way possible.
Wouldn't have been possible without you all!

I understand that E-gmat has a few minor shortcomings as mentioned before, but in my humble opinion E-gmat is still the BEST GMAT VERBAL course available!!!

PS: I can be a little picky at times and hard on people. The minor shortcomings i mentioned shouldn't be treated as criticism but can be used to make e-gmat even better for all the aspiring students in near future.

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