May 03, 2014

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Hey guys. I took my GMAT again last week and scored a 730 (Q49,V41). A neat improvement compared to my dismal first attempt 650 (Q48,V32)

Unlike the 2 month or 2 week success stories, mine spanned across 1 full year. I started prep last February, and took GMAT 1 in August. I took a break for a couple of months and started preparing again from November to December.

I signed up for MGMAT class for my first attempt and signed up for e-GMAT for my second. E-GMAT was a crucial factor that helped me to V41. The beautiful SC course and its meaning based approach, helped me master SC and cut down overall time taken to answer the questions. I went through the SC course quite a few times before the process became ingrained.

Critical reasoning (pre-thinking) also helped a lot although I did not attend more than two session (too many distractions in the class), but their online course is nice.

some pointers:
e-GMAT works for non-natives. I was quite doubtful seeing so many good reviews, but now that I have experienced it I would say go for it if verbal is pulling you down.

Some feedback for the e-GMAT team : I found the online sessions were long and way too many distractions in-terms of questions that were asked. With limited prep time for folks, you might want to focus on content delivery as a separate class and a followup tutorial to address questions. That said, the online prep material is perfect and effective.

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