December 29, 2021

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When I took my first mock test on the official GMAT site I got a 560 (Q44, V21). I then saw a tutorial video on the GMAT club youtube channel by Payal, co-founder of e-GMAT. I read some reviews online and decided to invest and took the 2-month course. A strategy expert connected with me to help me prepare a plan to reach my overall planned score then it was 680. It was suited to my planning and hours I could invest per week. The video tutorials, application-based practice tests, scholaranium - cementing, and ability quizzes whose data is projected per section per topic showing average time and accuracy with detailed explanation for all questions were really helpful in improving my verbal score. During the last 3 weeks of my course, e-GMAT introduced PACE which really helped me go through the quant section in minimal time to improve my quant score.

I was not able to fully keep up with my plan for the entirety of two months because of work and the holiday season (had family over) but had I focused for the entirety of the course, I would have crossed my target score.

If you are looking for an overall score improvement, I would recommend e-GMAT. The Subject experts are really helpful and do respond to queries well within 12-15 hours.

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January 05, 2022

Dear Yogesh,

Congratulations on scoring a 650. Reaching your target score in 2 months is a great achievement.

You have improved from V21 to V31 despite not having a lot of time to study due to your job and family commitments. I love the fact that you enjoyed PACE and that it helped you save time at the Quant side of prep. View the screenshot below to understand one such instance.

Screenshot #1-

Your focussed approach towards Verbal was also commendable. You did the course well and in turn, your Scholaranium quiz scores were good. For a student looking to improve in verbal, doing the course well and Scholaranium is two very important aspects. See the screenshot below to understand your performance.

Screenshot #2-

I am also humbled to see that you liked our Strategy and Subject matter support.

A job well done. All the best for your next steps.

Warm Regards,