January 31, 2016

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Amazing prep course!


The course taught by abby was amazing! she was extremely attentive to the students needs and wasn't afraid to call out students who were paying attention. Her special tips helped me save many minutes on my questions and helped me actually complete the whole exam (as opposed to never finished the exam). I highly recommend her. I first scored a 540 after taking gmat pill and just generally studying by myself. After Manhattan, I scored a 680 (38V, 45Q)! I will attempt to shoot for the golden 700 soon! One particular skill that she taught us was the timing on questions. This skill alone helped my score by 50 points alone! The one area that I wished that there was more of a focus on: IR section. While this is an experimental section, I went into the test not feeling too prepared. Overall, I highly recommend this course to everyone and anyone. Thanks Abby!

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