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How E-GMAT helped me reach a score of 750


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Course e-GMAT Mentorship

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I had given 2 GMAT attempts in Oct'20 and Nov'20 and scored a 700 in each, after which I decided to take a break and restart afresh at a later date. In May’21, I attended a free e-GMAT webinar related to Number properties and found the session really insightful. After going through multiple reviews and debriefs on GMAT Club, I took a counselling session with their team and found their personalized study plan approach best-suited to my requirements. In no time I took a free SigmaX mock (on e-GMAT portal), in which I scored a 680 and enrolled myself for a 3-month course. I got a personalized study plan, based on my performance in the mock and my target score, and started preparing.
E-GMAT’s self-paced course is so well designed that you’ll learn all the concepts that require most of your attention without wasting time watching videos of topics you’re already well-versed with. In verbal section, the CR and SC modules were particularly helpful for me. The CR modules progress in a manner such that they test your detailed understanding of the argument given, recommend skillful ways to pre-think the answer and provide feedback on your selected choice versus the correct answer. Before adopting the e-GMAT approach, I used to go through the answer choices first and then decide the best one, which did not always work out. WIth e-GMAT's approach, I started to pre-think potential answers and it became easier to eliminate the wrong answer choice. thus, the time spent in solving a question significantly reduced. SC modules also help you gain a very clear conceptual understanding of all the topics. In QA, all the modules had a problem based approach in which you get to solve the questions and learn the concepts accordingly. QA in particular was a huge blessing for me in my GMAT journey. In general, all of e-GMAT's modules start with a diagnostic quiz to test your current level of understanding and then guide you through the rest of the modules according to your performance. The GMAT Skills and Application based modules that contained higher difficulty level questions, allow more careful analysis of the question and answer choices to avoid any potential mistakes. Moreover, Scholaranium 2.0 helps you cement your concepts at every difficulty level and has tools for in-depth analysis of your mistakes and weak areas and accordingly decide on the further course of action. The strategic review videos and error log templates are extremely helpful for improvement. I specifically liked the prompt and detailed responses to posted queries (which, honestly, I initially thought wouldn’t be as useful).
Within a few days of starting the course, I was enrolled in their Last Mile Push (LMP), given my decent performance in practice quizzes. As part of the program, I was allotted a dedicated mentor, Mr. Atreya Roy, to help me and guide me on a daily basis. I was given daily study plans, with specified timelines, which gave a structure to my self-study regime. My performance in quizzes was constantly monitored and my study plans revised, as per the need of the hour. My mentor connected with me on a regular basis to ask about how I felt about my progress and about my next steps in learning. The prompt responses to all of my doubts made it no less than private tutoring. My mentor literally went the extra mile by motivating me whenever I scored low and help me plan my studies with adequate breaks. I got advice and key-pointers from other subject experts also until the end day for improvement in my weaker areas and it certainly helped me score well in the exam.
Not to forget, the Sigma X mocks by e-GMAT are very well created. They give you a fairly accurate idea of your potential score and analysis tools, which are very crucial to your performance in future tests.
I gave my third attempt in Jul’21 end when I scored a 690 because I got extremely nervous and panicked during the exam. I was so demotivated, but my mentor encouraged me to try once again as I had consistently performed well in my mocks. For 20 odd days, I prepared myself, not just for the exam, but also to not take stress (Atreya helped me with stress management articles as well). This time I scored a 750 (Q50, V41, IR7 & AWA6) and I was finally satisfied with my performance.

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