February 13, 2019

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To start off: I got into my first choice school! M7 school, and I'll be starting this fall!

My background: I'm an Asian engineer with a low undergraduate GPA. I did well on the GMAT, but I had some serious disconnects in my story. I was having some real real trouble putting my essays together, as well as a complete application.

I applied to 3 schools, and each application was more daunting than the one before. The word limits were too constraining in my opinion. How was I supposed to fit my entire life story into 500-1000 words? How was I supposed to stand-out from the rest of the crowd? What should I even write about? What makes me special?

Jenifer helped me do just that. Jenifer, alongside her colleague Judith, at Fortuna admissions worked with me for an entire 6 months, from start to finish.

We kicked it off in June whilst I was putting applications together. I've never worked so closely with folks before who care so much about your personal story, and are so heavily invested in your success. They asked the most detailed questions that allowed them to gain insight into who I am as a person, and what is it that will allow me to stand-out. All I had to do was talk to them! They helped me with the rest:

1) We started off by developing a story
2) What differentiates me?
3) How does my story play out, and come together?

Jenifer was with me every step of the way, and helped me in piecing my essays together, in my own words! I was having trouble conveying certain sentiments, and staying under the word count. This is my entire life in an essay, after all. Jenifer was with me through dozens of edits on multiple essays.

Fortuna's services also completely re-did my resume.

Jenifer completed a very thorough check of every bit and piece of my final application, from career goals, resume information, to essays.

I was finally invited to interview, and the level of service from Jenifer shot-up. We had mock interviews, the feedback was phenomenal! I was able to practice feedback since she has interviewed many candidates in her experienced role as an admissions director.

Fortuna was with me every step of the way, and never did I once feel as if I was forgetting anything, or that I was mis-stepping. Jenifer, Judith, and the Fortuna folks know EXACTLY what they are doing, and their services were worth every penny.

I'm starting at my #1 choice school this fall, and I couldn't have done it without them. To be honest, I was quite lost without their guidance through this time-consuming process, and I attribute my success to their hard work.

Huge thank you to Jenifer, Judith, and Fortuna!

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