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I took my GMAT last October and I scored a dismal 500. I did not have a blueprint to follow nor a pattern that would get me prepared. All I did was go through fellow GMAT Takers experiences and hoping that I would be well prepared. But then when I took my exam , I was unknowingly under a lot of stress and could not perform well.

I did not study for another 6 months at least and then started cruising through forums again , attended couple of webinars from E-GMAT after which I realized E-GMAT is the one that is going to take me. I'm yet to take up my next exam again , yet I feel I now know so much that I did not know last time.

I'm sure and confident I will be performing better this time and would recommend this course without any hesitation since it is highly interactive in nature and hence keeps the course very interesting.

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