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e-GMAT CR and SC concepts provide unique structured approach


Improvement 70 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

After going through MGMAT books, I was still trying to deconstruct CR and SC questions. There's too much theory in books that makes otherwise excellent MGMAT books a bit boring. On the other hand, e-GMAT provides audio-visual content which clearly explains the concepts, beautifully deconstructs ALL types of CR/SC questions and demonstrates how to apply the same concepts to a real GMAT like problem. This course will make you think in a way you should be thinking to answer GMAT questions correctly.


- SC: Clear explanation of SC concepts with post-assessment quiz. Attempting quiz online gives more test like experience than working through the book.

- SC: Detailed explanations of all the questions. Individual questions are also answered promptly.

- CR: Critical Reasoning concept files are really awesome and corrected my thought process.

- CR & SC- Appropriate summaries created for each concept file.

- Question bank- This course came with premium membership of Grockit, which supplements the course with big question bank.


- Timing Strategy: There are no concept files for timing strategy which becomes more important after gaining the knowledge for all GMAT sections.

- Needs more flexible and smooth integration of the forum with the concept files.

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