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e-GMAT Verbal Online review


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I couldn't thank enough for the amazing support egmat has provided me since the time I enrolled in for their course.

I am a non-native speaker. Although I was confident about Quants part of GMAT, I was sure I won't get a good GMAT score unless my Verbal score is above 35. Each time I took a mock, my verbal scores were around 20 initially. Anyway, I decided to give my first GMAT and scored a mere 640, with Q(49), V(27).
After a month I resumed my preparation but again I had no clear plan or strategy. Honestly, that is the worst mistake anyone can commit while taking GMAT. I took GMAT twice and scored just a 650 this time with Q(49), V(29).
That is when I realized there is something seriously wrong in the way I analyze questions. I also realized the importance of a strategy to improve time management for each section. This time I did my research on the internet and finally enrolled for egmat. Although I knew about egmat before from a friend of mine and had actually used my friend's account to get some basics of topics, I never really went with their study plan that time. This time I did stick with the strategy and study plan that egmat provided. Needless to say, my Verbal score was improving. More importantly the way I analyze questions changed.
If I could improve my score and get a 700+, I strongly believe anyone could get a good score, provided you work persistently and you have a good source like egmat. Egmat really was supportive when it comes to clearing my queries too.
I would any day suggest egmat course to anyone who is seriously looking for a score improvement.

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