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Course e-GMAT Quant Online

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I am a typical Indian engineer with strong Quant. Hence, I started my GMAT prep considering no need of any support from any external resources. Because from past many years I was not in touch with quant prep, I was falling in the test makers traps again and again, One of my friend recommended to go with e-Gmat Courses. In which the style of learning I experienced is so good. eGMAT courses don’t teach you tips, tricks or shortcuts, instead the courses teach you the simplest ways of understanding and tackling each quant question. This made me confident to solve any kind of question that comes in my way.

The Course is categorized into 5 sub-sections: Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry, Word Problems and Advanced Topics. Each sub-section has a lot of content and study material along with a lot of Practice and Application Files.

The Scholaranium is where you can take customized quizzes and is a great tool and the way it considers the candidate's performance and does all the planning for the candidate is a big help. It is easy-to-use, versatile and flexible. Now, I am confident that I will be able to hit Q50 or above. It was Q47 in my last attempt.

I would strongly recommend eGMAT online courses. The program is interactive and focuses on your weaknesses, and comes with the Scholaranium which evaluates your strengths and weaknesses. The Support team is very responsive and helpful and give prompt response for all queries.

Addition to this, I am now practicing in Scholaranium along with GMAT Club Tests. Hope I will Achieve my target of Q51 this time and overall Score of >700. Then I will meet all of you with my complete debrief.

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